Weak Christianity

I encountered an unfortunate article on MereOrthodoxy this afternoon that had me remove the website from my subscription list. I have a big enough list as it is, so poorly thought and poorly written articles cause me to prune it down.

The article was about how bad Trump and Cruz are, and why the author would abstain from voting if Cruz were the nominee. I’m not sure why Trump was even brought up in the article, since the headline was about Cruz specifically. The author says, in essence, that a vote for Cruz is mere desperation of a dead “Religious Right” movement.

It had me thinking, though not about what it was supposed to have me think about. I thought instead about how today, Christians demand perfection in areas they will never get it (politics), while tolerating evil where they should never have it (in churches, accepting the sexual revolution, anti-intellectualism, etc).

We have a spineless church, unwilling to be involved in any part of the world unless that involvement is done through perfect ambassadors. We have a church that won’t vote for Cruz because he is imperfect, and will therefore help Hillary, who supports all sorts of evil. It’s the two-story view that separates the world of morals from the world of practicality taken to its most extreme.

Cruz is not a Savior. But he’ll probably fight government-funded abortions. He isn’t an Apostle. But he’ll probably stand up for religious freedom. He isn’t the way to God. But he will probably be a good president. If this isn’t good enough, nothing will ever be, and such Christians ought to just admit that they’d rather retire into a monastic order and just wait this whole pre-heaven thing out. Which, unfortunately, is an insult to monastic orders.


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