Politically Correct Infestations

With greater frequency every year, LGBT “alliance” groups are popping up in high schools across the US. They already exist in most companies and on virtually every college campus, but the target audience of these groups seems to be younger all the time.

What are these groups? The ‘LGB’ portion of the acronym at least has some sort of cohesion to it: All three indicate groups of people who desire intimacy and pleasure from others of the same sex. It’s a strange thing to unite about; a strange thing to want to “ally” with.

The ‘T’ is even more strange. What was, until very recently, a letter representing “transvestites” (people who dress like the opposite sex) has morphed into “transgender” (an ambiguous term without any agreed upon content). Just as the president redefined the terms “sex” in Title IX to mean something which simply did not exist as a concept when the law was written, LGBT proponents have silently updated the content of their terminology over time. This should give us pause when considering the intentions of these groups. If the very essence of these “alliances” changes so violently over such short periods of time, do these groups have a purpose?

Alliances are typically made for mutual defense. Giving away more ground than is deserved, the same could be said for the early LGBT movement. The original purpose was this: those who are attracted to the same sex or who want to dress like the opposite sex should not be treated as criminal. On this point, many people may agree¹.

However, we don’t have that sort of situation anymore. Sodomy is no longer illegal. It is extremely rare for a person to be attacked for their sexual proclivities or their desire to wear the clothes of the opposite sex (on the contrary, such things are celebrated by popular culture, in magazines, in film and television, by the president of the United States, and by academia. Such fanfare is hardly associated with “marginalized” groups).

So what purpose do these groups serve?

In virtually every case, each LGBT “alliance” group is focused on one thing: removing any dissenting views. This is easy to do, given that dissenting views, when found, can be cast as hate-speech and prosecuted as though such speech is criminal. LGBT “alliance” groups are in this way a lot like parasites which infect a host organization and which then systematically target anyone who might be a perceived threat. These groups use “alliance” in a militant and violent way, seeking conquest instead of toleration and peace.

This makes it more important than ever for Christians, conservatives, and sane individuals of varied beliefs to unite against them. LGBT alliance groups must be opposed at all costs. Like their forebears in the Marxist Frankfurt School which infiltrated academia last century, they cannot be tolerated as another voice, and it must be always remembered that their purpose is not to seek justice, fairness, and tolerance but to drive out all dissenting voices with extreme prejudice.

I don’t know how practical this purging would be, and it need not be violent or malevolent, but it must be done swiftly and completely. If not, the same thing will be done in reverse, as has happened at Mozilla, among other companies.

1 – I disagree, even on this point. There are very good reasons to outlaw same-sex behavior and cross dressing, and this would result in being “treated badly” by way of being arrested. Among these reasons are: public order, public health, safety of children, and enforcement of a basic moral code based on human nature. On this final reason, it should be noted that while I would need to justify my view of morality, even laws that permit the behaviors in question are making moral statements. A law that permits or is silent on an issue is making a moral claim, and that moral claim must be justified as well.

I find it sad that so often, Christians are as cautious about saying things that might offend or hurt others engaged in serious sexual sin as a soldier might be on a minefield. This caution is not afforded to any other vice, however (husbands leaving their wives, etc).


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