We Need More Guns

I have a terrible habit of reading the comment sections of local news sites, looking for opportunities to have my intelligence or conscience insulted. Today, I indulged the habit once more.

The article was about the recent attempt of a homicidal maniac to shoot a bunch of civilians for the fun of it. The particular event isn’t important, because what caught my attention in the dreary comment section was a shot of sarcasm: “The answer is definitely more guns.” I think he’s right and his sarcasm was misplaced.

Think back to the last few years’ worth of psychotic mass shooters (or anyone who has attempted to become one but failed). Get a clear picture in your mind of the sorts of people we are dealing with. Every single one of them is either demonically evil, clinically insane, or drugged up to resemble one of those two things. Some are a combination of all three.

Gun control laws follow a basic form: You are not allowed to use possess certain firearms in certain locations. Most would not have a hard time with this, even if it is frustrating or inconvenient. But what sort of people would have a hard time with it? What sort of people would ignore it? The people who commit the crimes that motivate the laws in the first place.

An average person isn’t going to break the law intentionally. But the average homicidal maniac isn’t concerned with laws. If he were, he wouldn’t be a homicidal maniac.

It’s could be worded as a syllogism. Gun restrictions would only effectively protect people from firearms if the people who would follow such restrictions are the same people who would harm others with firearms. But the people who would harm others with firearms don’t follow even fundamental moral laws like “Do not murder”, so they certainly won’t follow gun restrictions. Therefore, gun restrictions are not effective.


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